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Remembrances, and moving forward.

September 11, 2010

09-11-01.  Our date that lives in infamy.  Through all the tributes and vigils, we must keep the memories of the ones that perished alive, and honor those that served in the rescue & recovery efforts.  Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times writes about Susan Retik, a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks in NYC.  She has exemplified the truest American spirit by engaging Afghan widows to grow themselves through education and development, the very things we take for granted it seems in our own country.  The conversion of devastating losses by her and her partner in this venture, Patti Quigley, into grassroots rebuilding of culture and community is exactly what is needed throughout the USA and the world.

What better way to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, whether on one of the planes, in the towers, trying to rescue those trapped, or in the armed forces than by building up community.  All people are part of the fabric of our society, why do we remain so insular?  Everyone has skills and desire to be involved.  We need to use our talent for forgiveness and conversion of anger to build up instead of tearing down.  We get our best revenge by becoming a better, more inclusive society, learning from the best that all have to offer.

That is how I will remember today, by honoring those who perished by offering a way for someone to better themselves, and produce for the good.  Become the phoenix that rises out of the destruction caused by hate, and spread the innate human spirit of helping.  If we as Americans focus on combining our talents, instead of beating each other over the head with dogma, we will go so much further.

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