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Is it Just Me, or Is Networking in the Triad a Real Snooze?

April 21, 2015

Many of you know that I am a big fan of networking, but generally have less favor for the traditional leads group. It has been my personal experience that forcing leads does not end up being quality leads. To this end, I became involved with Linking Winston Salem, and tried to get to as many Linking Greensboro events as I could. I have in the past been a part of WS Chamber leads groups, BNI for a short while, and other groups.

I think what we have in our hands is a situation of quantity over quality. Like Bill has stated, there are too many. People are not attending. There is no purpose really being that if you miss one, you will see them later in the week at another event.

Through Linking Winston Salem, we would try to have a speaker or a program that would be of benefit to each individual that attended. It is our hope that conversations would be started, connections made, and business done/friendships formed. We would bond over a meal and a program. and make lasting connections. No pressure to hand over someone’s information, just relationship building.

The Triad needs more relationships, and less forced commerce.

Zero Geek Speak!

Can we enjoy a little Honesty Hour? Okay, great. The truth is, networking in the Triad is full of a bunch of silos (groups) that crash together randomly without ever really moving anywhere. Think on it. You have groups like your 336 Events crowd, the Piedmont Club crowd, tons of leads groups, BNI groups and then random organizations that make networking groups just to say they have one. When you see these different people in places outside of their group’s reach, it’s obvious they’re like fish out of water. Too many of them generally place a label or stigma on what type of business and person you are based on what group you’re part of. “Oh you’re not with so and so? Oh you must be blah and blah”. It’s just all…such a snooze.

My Experience…

 A lot of groups I’ve tried to join were too transaction-based–as in it…

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