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Libraries in Forsyth County, NC

February 9, 2011

We have got to get our Commissioners to realize the importance of moving forward now with the issuance of bonds, and the full steam ahead planning of the new Central Library, and renovations to the others.  I do believe that the economy has our elected leaders so scared of any risk, they have forgotten that knowledge and the ability to access it is what will get our local economy back on track.  Yes I know that the ribbon cutting for the new library is a ways off even if designs were in hand and permits being let today.  But, we are losing out every day these resources are not available to our citizens.  I want to point to this article that ran in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.  Alexandria Egypt.  What is being protected, the library.  A country in turmoil is banding together to protect it’s library, from damage and looking.  Even the most conservative leader in Egypt is aware of the importance of the information contained in those walls.

I am beginning to think that the Forsyth County Commissioners are scared of an educated populace.  I challenge each Commissioner to publicly state a personal position of why these bonds, that we the citizens authorized by popular vote, have not been scheduled to be issued.  I want a frank, detailed reason of why you each think it is not a good idea, and are blocking the path.  Convince me with facts, not party line political rhetoric.  I, a voter in Winston Salem, NC, am calling you out.  Prove to me your argument.  Sell me on it.

It is appalling to me that the education of our children and adults is the first thing to be sacrificed in lean times.  Seems to me a new library would help the struggling school systems by ensuring access to information to all.  That is a whole ‘nother post.


What is your Slam?

February 4, 2011

In some sports, golf and tennis specifically, there are 4 majors. The biggest tournaments every year that every participant dreams of winning one, if not all 4. Life may have those kind of moments for us everypersons as well.

So what do you think are your slams?  I am going to rule out the obvious, the “raise the best kid(s) I can, be the best Spouse/Sibling/Child/Friend and that stuff”.  We all know those.  I want bucket list stuff.  Deeper thoughts.  So tell me, what would you think achieving in life would constitute your US Open win, or your Wimbledon?  Those things that you consider the pinnacle of a life well lived.

It is going to take some thinking for me to answer this one.

Little things

February 3, 2011

This week has so far been an interesting contrast.  From the sadness of a funeral, to the promise of a job interview the emotion ranges from low to high.  But what has truly stuck out this week has been the pleasure of the personal interaction between friends.  This week has had an outsized amount of contact for me and the people I am priviledged to have as friends.  I have shared the emotional gamut, listened, and sympathized.

It is truly the little things in life that fill in the rough spots, add shine to the smooth ones, and make life full.  What have you done to fill in?

Another sign of age…

February 1, 2011

Funerals are starting to become more frequent.  I read the obits daily for goodness sakes.  I used to kid my father that his social life should include wakes & funerals, because it seemed that he had more of those than any other activity.  After my uncle’s service yesterday, I was thinking about how over the last couple of years, I myself have had more wakes and funerals that I have or should have attended.  Part of me is sad because of the loss of those people, and I know the pain that the families of those loved ones are feeling.  But also, I feel happy, because what it also means is that I have had the pleasure of knowing those very people.  The ones that come and go in life, and leave a permanent mark.  Here in my mid 40’s, I can find myself looking back over 4 decades and thinking of the people that have left this plane, and the impacts that they left on my life and personality.  Many have had great influence, and others were just fleeting.  But all have had their say.  I like to think of it as further reason to connect with people.  You gain so much by having a wide circle of people you love and care for.  Family and friends.  It just is the natural fit.  Reach out and be in touch, because you never know when they, or you, may be gone.


So here it is…

January 13, 2011

The second week of 2011.  Lots of free time due to snow days, entertaining an 11 year old, and keeping myself occupied.  Thinking.  Cooking.  One of the thoughts that keep floating back into my head is what direction to move now in the job search.  Is it time to truly rethink career?  Do I want a job that pays bills, but not much else?  Personally I need fulfillment.  I need that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with a complex job well done.

So is it time, 30+ weeks into the job search, to look at education opportunities?  Professional development, with no real direction yet?  Questions.  I am thankful that I have that ability to choose, as many do not.  I need to choose wisely.

Twenty Five Years, and counting….

November 30, 2010

1985.  Wow, it does not seem like 25 years have passed since that day in June 1985 that we walked across the stage in with diplomas in our hands.  Some of us were able to gather this weekend, and it was an enjoyable time.  As part of the planning of the reunion, trying to find people was one of the tasks.  Some people, it seems, for any number of reasons, do not wish to be found.  Others were on board immediately, still others had prior engagements that prevented their attendance.  It is all fine, in 25 year, we make our own lives, that resemble little those of our high school years.  We have our own kids, and in some cases, grandkids.  We have businesses, family issues, travel distances too great to make the journey.  We have independent lives from that of 1985, we have become adults, and that is what was impressed upon me the most.

It was like looking in a magic mirror, seeing friends and classmates, and being shot back in time, as the memories were spoken of, involving those present and absent, and just as quickly talk would move towards kids, schools, and other present day topics.  There was an overall feeling of community.  The obvious cliques disappeared.  One thing, however, was clear to me.  The bonds of time have strengthened some friendships, and have made clear what I thought I knew.  There are some ties that cannot be broken, no matter the time between contact. I was fortunate to reinforce some of those bonds this past weekend, and will do all I can to make sure the time that has passed will not be as long before the next contact. The people that could not make it in, I hope will try to build upon the contact.

I am fortunate to have made these re-connections.  Some from the past will not make the renewal, that is just the way life moves, but others will. Treasure them.  I do, from the daily contact to the who the hell knows when the next one is, they all mean the world to me.

It g

The Passing of a parent’s friend, that I could say was a friend too.

November 17, 2010

Today, my mom, sister and I attended the memorial service of someone that was influential in my childhood.  I have been thinking back to the interactions with this person and his family, and how tight they were with my parents.  We grew up as neighbors, and there always seemed to be daily interaction between the adults, and to a lesser extent the kids.  What has come to light is the realization that the influences my parents friends had on us as kids.

As the service moved into the eulogy, I truly realized that my siblings and I were lucky to have the interaction we did with our parents friends.  A lot of times, these people were the parents of our own friends, and if not BFF’s, then definitely more than just acquaintances.  The real impact of these people was the welcoming warmth of their homes.  Some were neighbors, others we traveled with, or met up with on weekends.  All, had various impacts on our lives, and we, as reinforced today, loved them as our own parents.

So it makes me think if I am giving my son that same privilege.  When he is my age, will he feel the same way about my group of friends, and their kids?  In all of the structured activities, have we lost that much touch with our own friends, that we just dont get together and hang out any more as families?  Our generations, and schedules and lives are different, yet the need for those bonds may be stronger than ever.